The Richards Fam

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Merry Christmas Everybody!!! I hope everyone has a good Christmas season. I love you all.

Being so careful!

We put the Christmas decorations and Chase had to help. " I wanna hep you mommy" "Tismas tee piddy" "Wights are piddy".

Right before Nathan left on his mission. There weren't any tears until the MTC. Itsn't he so cute?

Here CHase is with his cousins. Blaze isn't looking but he was a "Little Devil" and Braxton is the King of Narnia. Abby's in the background. SHe is a little nurse.

Brock was "Wolverine" for the big party. Notice there is no costume.....just the side burns.

Hello 80's??? For Halloween I was an 80's workout queen.(I didn't the whole outfit in the picture....but you get the idea)

Halloween!!!! Chase was so excited to wear his "spidy" costume. He wanted to wear it everyday. It was a little tight but it showed off his muscles!!

Nicole, Tara, and I and the kids went to a Jazz game after I picked Nicole up from the airport. It was really fun.

There is a pumpkin patch in Farmington that we went to. There is a group of us moms that do a playgroup every week. They have a small "haystack" maze that the kids can go through. It was really fun. This was in October.

how cute!

This is the new hair cut...for those who haven't seen. I don't miss my long hair at all, it's fun having it short.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Chase at first dam....the geese are a little close!

Say Cheese!

Mommy and Chase at "First Dam" in Logan Utah

Here's Chase

Chase doesn't look too happy but he loves us.....I promise!

We took these pics with Brocks family

Washington Memorial...cheeeeesse

This is Andrea (Brock's sister) and I standing infront of the capital building in D.C. We went there for an ACN convention. It was fun!

our update

Hello everyone.....I'm sure Mary will be excited that someone else has joined onto this blog...I'm not sure what I'm doing but we'll see how it works!